Chairman – Church Council


Kahawa West Baptist church is a congregational church. Every three years the members in an annual general meeting elect leaders in various categories who will serve in various capacities. Prior to the elections all departments usually have already had their elections and these departmental heads who have been elected are endorsed at the AGM.
The heads of departments together with the elected deacons, pastors and the treasurer form the Church Council. The chair and secretary of the council are elected from the pool of deacons.
The Church has an establishment of four pastors, with all offices already filled.

KWBC believes in growth, both expansion and extension.  We have been able nurture various congregations to start preaching points, including Kiamumbi Baptist Church. As our vision states, we endeavor to spread the Gospel through all the disciples who have passed through our hands. The church is not the building, but individuals who are committed to heading the command in Mathew 28:18

Mr. Francis M. Kamau
Chairman - Church Council